Thumbtack is a an AWESOME website! So many weddings I have been hired for through reference which is always great but others just by random luck that they walked into my store and were able to meet me and I was available. Sometimes brides arent as lucky their are times when a makeup artist cancels last minute and I meet a bride stressing out and finding no luck because all the artists have been booked in advance... Well with THUMBTACK theres a small chance of you not finding the perfect professional for each job needed. Its a great way for the community to meet professionals. Its really simple to a bride or anyone can put in a request for what kind of job they need a professional the day, time, amount of people that need a service and what city they are in and whether or not they need the professional to travel to them or not and THUMBTACK sends leads to the verified professionals in the area and they respond back to the client with reviews, credientials, prices and avalability. Never has it been so easy to find a professional with all their credentials and reviews listed so clearly. I cant wait to tell everyone about this amazing site! Check it out! And check me out as well while you are at it !">FACE ART BY PHEEBS